A Review of the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker

Virtual reality is a big seller at the moment, and people need trackers to make the most of their VR experience. Arguably the most well known product is the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker.

Here are some of the features…

  • With Vive tracker, play VR games and experiences never possible before.
  • With the compact, highly flexible, Easy to attach Vive tracker you’ll be able to bring physical objects into your virtual world, like a pair of gloves to play musical instruments, or rock climb.
  • Vive Tracker – Go beyond VR controllers
  • Bring real-world objects into your virtual world! Add VIVE Tracker to specially designed accessories to play your favorite supported games.

Go Beyond Your VR Controllers

VIVE Tracker brings any real-world object into your virtual world! Add it to specially-designed accessories to play your favorite games. Attach it to a camera and put yourself in your own mixed reality videos. The possibilities are endless!

Track Whatever You Want Easily

The VIVE Tracker creates a wireless and seamless connection between your attached tools and the VIVE system. You can also attach a DSLR camera to the VIVE Tracker to make mixed reality videos and expand the fun. This really adds to the experience and gives you a more realistic experience.

Bring your DSLR in to VR

Make your own mixed reality videos with your own camera! Simply attach your DSLR to VIVE Tracker and you now become the center of your virtual world. You can even record yourself to improve your gaming performance, which is one of my favorite features.

Unleash Your Imagination

With the VIVE Tracker, you are able to develop VR games and experiences that were not possible before. With a compact, highly flexible, easy to attach tracker, you’ll be able to design a pair of gloves to play musical instruments or rock climb. Or a ping pong paddle for more convenience and a more complete experience.*

*Always ensure play area is entirely clear of all objects, obstacles and other individuals when using VIVE Tracker on any object intended to be moved while wearing the VIVE headset.

Have you tried this product? If so, let us know your views! We have yet to find a more rounded product in terms of VR trackers from other suppliers.

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