August Smart Lock Pro Review

We have had a lot of interest in the August Smart Lock Pro in recent weeks, so we thought we’d take a closer look at this security device to see if it really is worth investing in.

Features & Technology

Remotely Control Your Smart Lock

The August App gives you comprehensive control over the functions of your smart lock. You can check the app to see the activity at your door, issue and revoke digital keys, and lock and unlock your door as needed.

Unlimited Digital Keys

Unlike many smart lock providers, you can have as many digital keys as you want. These keys can last for weeks, hours or even minutes.


Find out whether your door is closed and locked.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

August locks support popular third-party voice assistants.

Automatic Locking and Unlocking

Improve your home safety and security by setting the smart lock to automatically activate when you close the door.

Ease of Use

You don’t change the outside of your lock, simply the deadbolt that’s located inside the door. Your original keys still work with the upgrade to a smart lock, although you won’t need them once you get everything set up. If you end up running into problems during the installation or beyond, friendly customer service reps can help you through the process.

Customer Service

August has a limited product range, which means that the representatives have the opportunity to know about all the models inside and out. You can reach out via phone and email, as well as an extensive resource library that provides you with installation guides, FAQs, and other self-service support.


August’s entry-level smart lock is quite affordable, making it a desirable choice for people dipping their toes into this device category. They have a focus on innovation and a powerful platform to support their products, making these devices a worthwhile investment.

The smart locks don’t have any monthly fee associated with them, but if you pair them up with the August Doorbell Cam, then you can pay $4.99 a month or $49.99 annually to increase your video recording storage from 24 hours of history to 30 days.

All in all, this is a device we would certainly recommend. Have you used the August Smart Lock Pro before?

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