What is the Best 360 Degree Camera?

Cameras which offer a 360 Degree field of view are increasingly becoming more popular amongst photographers. They offer some truly exceptional images which make them a hot piece of technology to own. But, since these cameras are relatively new, it can be difficult to find out which is the best 360 degree camera. So, we thought we’d take a look at two of our favorite cameras.

Best 360 Degree Camera Recommendations

GIG 360 Degree Panoramic Camera

best 360 degree camera

This is my personal favorite. The GIG 360 offers everything that you would like in a 360 camera.

It contains a high quality double 210 wide angle fisheye lens which allows you to capture the 360 image. The camera also has 2.0 aperture. The image generated doesn’t look disjointed like many 360 cameras, so the images truly will blow your mind!

Because of the wifi compatibility, it is possible to transfer the media collected to your phone at the touch of a button. You can then view the media with the help of the app, and you can then edit the images collected with the special effects that the app includes.

The battery allows you to record 2 hours of video, and you can then store the media on a microSD card. It is also compatible with all smart phones, so this is a camera definitely to consider.


360fly 360° HD Video Camera (Second Generation)

The 360fly is another camera to consider. It looks very stylish, so top marks for creating a fashion statement. This camera is the world’s widest single lens camera, so you can be sure that this is a cutting edge product, which truly offers exceptional photo and video.
With the high capacity battery, it is possible to record up to 3 hours of video on a single charge before you will need to reach for the charger. The high definition media is then stored on the internal memory for you to review. It is important to note that the internal capacity is just 32 GB, so it is important to constantly backup your data to a laptop or external storage device. This is one area where we’d like the 360fly to improve on for future releases. For example, a 45 minute video shot in 1080p will take up 32GB.
Editing photos is very easy with the 360fly. I was able to edit the media and share the video within 2 minutes – it’s that easy to use!
The camera has also been designed to be dustproof, shockproof and water resistant, so it can be used in testing conditions.

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