Best 3D Printer Guide – What is the Best 3D Printer?

We are often asked what is the Best 3D printer, so we thought we’d investigate the market to help our readers identify the top printer. When you are looking for a 3D printer, I would recommend you follow the parameters laid out below to ensure you are buying the right device for you.

  • Print quality
  • How easy it is to use
  • Quality of Production
  • Reliability
  • Failure rate
  • Customer service
  • Running expenses
  • Software
  • Cost to buy

What is the Best 3D printer?

Makergear M2

The Makergear is one of the best 3d printers we have reviewed.

Our review team thought The Makergear M2 was well-designed and reliable. Founded in 2009, Makergear is now onto its 3rd generation of this printer and it is making continual improvements.

The Makergear M2 has a particularly solid construction, with users commenting that it is as “strong as an ox” – mainly in part due to the quality components the printer is fitted with.

The Makergear M2 is delivered to you already assembled, so there will be no complicated building required which is actually quite common with some 3D printers. Although some users say that this printer is more geared towards users who have used 3D printers before in order to truly realize the printer’s full potential.

The Makergear M2 does produce great high quality prints consistently in a matter of seconds. The manufacturers recommend you use Simplify3D software, but it is possible to use any 3D software you want, so you will not be tied to their recommended software. Users have commented positively on the company’s customer support. Plus, I’ve found a lot of tutorials online which help guide you through the basics of the printer, which is especially useful if you’re just starting out.

The only disadvantage I could find with the MakerGear is that it is quite noisy with no wireless connectivity. A portable version should be designed.

LulzBot TAZ 5

The LulzBot’s TAZ 5 is now into its fifth generation. Although the look of the printer hasn’t really changed in that time, the performance and capabilities of the printer have vastly improved. A good thing about Lulzbot is that it actively works with its enthusiasts to make continual updates to the functionality of the printer, so it has a loyal band of followers who actively promote the product.

It is constructed using a sturdy metal frame which gives it a strong build quality, and is actually one of the biggest 3D printers we have seen . It comes with a built-in heated bed and a neat exchangeable extruder system. In my opinion, the Lulzbot is best for printing somewhat larger objects than small objects, but it can handle both to an acceptable standard.

Customers have found the customer service to be excellent – always responding to customer enquiries and problems.

The TAZ 5 is not a plug ‘n’ play machine as I found that a good amount of technical knowledge is required, but once I got over the initial hurdles of learning how to use it, I found it to be an excellent piece of modern 3D printing technology. Good luck in finding the best 3d printer!


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