Best Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers Guide – What Speakers to Buy?

Are you trying to find the best bluetooth foldable neckband speakers? Well, you have come to the right place! These foldable products are becoming a lot more popular in recent times, so we thought we would review two of the best selling models for sale at the moment. Read on to find out more.

What are the Best Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers?

AIVANT Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers

What are the Best Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers?

These AIVANT Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers are one of our most reviewed speakers. They make use of some of the latest technology with their multi-functional 2 in 1 design. They are not only speakers, but they can also be used as a headset as well if required. It is possible to easily pair these speakers with your phone, and I found the process of doing so pretty straight forward after trying it two or three times.

The sound quality of these speakers are also very good, with the help of the “high pitch boost”. These foldable neckband speakers are great for outdoor use, and they are rugged enough for this purpose. Even if you drop these speakers, they won’t break. It is nice to see a product that is made with wear and tear in mind. They are sweat proof and splash resistant, which is ideal if you need to work out.

In terms of battery life, the batteries are able to offer up to 400 hours of standby time and 32 hours of music playback on the headphone setting, with 5 hours of charge available for speaker functionality.

SUPERSUN V4.1 Ultra Portable Foldable Bluetooth Headset with Built-in Wireless Speaker

These Bluetooth headphone speakers are able to work simultaneously with 2 mobile phones, offering excellent pairing functionality, which is not seen in the Aivant speakers above. The Supersun bluetooth speakers are with all bluetooth devices, icnluding iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android. 

They come with an 18 month warranty, so if for any reason these speakers stopped working, you can just get in contact with the manufacturers and they’ll be able to send out a replacement, or repair your existing headphones free of charge. It’s always good to have this peace of mind.

In order to switch from the speaker setting to a headphone setting, all you need to do is push one switch, and the device will do the rest. If you go out of the range of the bluetooth connection, it will sound a warning for you. This is useful instead of the music stopping for no reason.

The AIVANT Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers and the Supersun V4.1 Ultra Portable Foldable Bluetooth Headset with Built-in Wireless Speakers are deservedly named our Best Bluetooth Foldable Neckband Speakers. Do you have your own favorite? Let us know!

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