Best Credit Card Processing Terminal – What Terminal Should You Buy?

The vast majority of payments in shops nowadays are made via a debit or credit card. This means that each shop owner needs to have a terminal with which to process the customer’s payment. But, what is the best credit card processing terminal for sale that you should use? Since there is not much information out there, we thought we’d offer our recommendations.

What is the Best Credit Card Processing Terminal?

First up, we have the…

First Data FD130 Terminal with WIFI

Is this the Best Credit Card Processing Terminal?

This is a slightly more pricey option than other terminals that we have reviewed. But, it is certainly worth paying extra for the quality of this product compared to the competition. The terminal makes use of Windows CE 6.0, with a lightening quick ARM9 400Mhz CPU processor, allowing you to process payments quickly and safely. Not only can you process debit and credit card payments with this terminal, it is also possible to carry out EBT transactions, as well as check payments.

The printer that the First Data FD130 Terminal with WIFI is fitted with is able to print fast. In our test, we found that it was able to print on average 15 lines per second.

As the name suggests, it is able to process payments using Wifi, but if that were to fail for any reason, dial up is available as a safety net. With the 3 USB ports, it is easy to connect to other devices if and when required.

Note – This terminal makes use of 2.25-inch-wide thermal roll printer paper.


Verifone VX520 Dual Comm Credit Card Machine With Smart Card Reader

This terminal makes use of the most advanced VX Evolution platform technology. The Verix operating system is stable and well designed, and it is used by by over 7 million different stores. The terminal makes use of the industry’s fastest processor, which enables it to handle encryption and decryption. You will notice that payments are able to be processed at lightning quick speeds.

In terms of size, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The way the device is designed ensures that all wires are hidden from view, so it doesn’t look unsightly to a customer. It is possible to fit a contactless card reader to this device.

For security, it is able to offer end-to-end encryption, thanks to VeriShield Protect so all customer’s details are kept safe. Because so many retailers use this product, it has earned its place as one of the best credit card processing terminal products for sale at the moment. If you have your own recommendation, please let us know, and we will add your review to our page.

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