Best Digital Camcorder

The top digital camcorders that you can buy this year from the newly launched ones.
Camcorders are becoming obsolete as the facilitis of video recording is available on dslrs and phones. But the professional shooting demand top camcorders for the work. The best camcorders available this year are recorded here. They are all handy and affordable for the average camera users.

Camcorders are now a days a indispensible gadget that you cannot do without. There are so many choices for camcorders today that choosing the one that is the best is rather difficult. The features you want, the budget that you have, the brand you prefer are all factors that you should keep into consideration while choosing the best digital camcorder. Some of the best digital SLRs these days are also good for capturing high quality videos. The best of the digital camcorders that are available across the globe this year are listed here and you can easily filter your search accordingly when you go for shopping.

Canon Eos 700D

The latest addition in the entry level DSLRs, this is one of the best there is for both still photography and video recording as well. The kit lenses that are available along with the dslr are also very video friendly and hence that is an added advantage of the camera. However the upgrades are minor tweaks over the 650D. Hence when one owns the old 650D investing in this one is not a very feasible idea.

Sony PJ350

If you are more interested in shooting videos just, then the sony PJ350 is the best choice that you can make. The best digital camcorder that you can get, it has every type of features that make the sony camcorder the perfect choice for those who need a camcorder for professional use. It has massive zoom and at the same time it is light weight.

Gopro hero4 black edition

Another camcorder that is popular even when the trend of investing in camcorders is rather diminishing, this is the professional product for those who are looking for very small camcorder that they can carry anywhere and at any time. This is essentially the product for a new budding cameraman for learning the uses in an affordable price.

DJI phantom 3 standard

A drone with quadcopters, this has made to the list of the best digital camcorder by the sheer quality of the videos that in can shoot. Among the top camcorders this ye that you can get and when you compare it with the predecessors, you can find more video shooting options in the standard version than the previous advanced ones that were available to you.

Garmin virb elite

Compared to the other best digital camcorder that are available the Garmin Virb is rather new in the world of camcorders though despite its new entry, it is one of the best that is available to an average cameraman. The best digital camcorder list would be incomplete without this one which is rather affordable too.

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