Best Dog Fitness Tracker – What is the the Best Dog Activity Tracker?

Trying to identify the best dog fitness tracker can be difficult, especially with the large number of new entrants to the market that we have seen over the last few months. Many dog owners like the idea of tracking their canine companion’s daily activities, to see if they are getting the right amount of exercise. Some of the latest dog fitness tracker products come built with GPS tracking and fitness goals, which allow you to ensure your dog is getting the right amount of exercise compared to other dogs in your dog’s breed.

What are the Best Dog Fitness Tracker Products?

Dog activity monitors are excellent since they manage the activity levels, or lack of, that your dog completes on a daily basis. Using this information, you are then able to see whether you need to increase or decrease your dog’s activity level. The dog fitness trackers are able to track when the dog plays, naps and walks over a 24 hour period. The product can be invaluable if your dog becomes lost, as many trackers come fitted with GPS trackers, allowing you to locate your canine within minutes.

Some of the features we’d recommend you look out for include:

  • GPS tracking, meaning you can locate your dog in seconds
  • Bluetooth capabilities are also useful to see who your dog is with
  • Progress trackers to check how well your dog is doing on an average day
  • To do lists are also a neat feature, such as when your dog needs walked or requires a visit to the vets
  • Goal-setting is also an imperative feature which gives you long term aims for your dog to strive to


Is the Fitbark the best dog fitness tracker?

This is one of the most well known dog fitness tracker products, after initially finding funding success on Kickstarter. The Fitbark product has the following features:

  • Comes with an activity breakdown allowing you to easily understand the level of activity your dog partakes in on an average day
  • Allows a comparison between your dogs activity and others in the same breed and of a similar age
  • It is possible to share activity reports with your vet
  • The FitBark comes integrated with what is known as a “WiFi Base Station”. In this system, the FitBark is able to sync with another Fitbark system, thus uploading the unsynced data to the server.  This ensures you have a complete real time picture of your dog’s activities.

Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs

This is a great dog activity monitor from Whistle

  • Provides a doggy daily summary of your dog’s activities
  • It is possible to keep track of your dog’s medication, aswell as keeping a food diary
  • The Whistle comes complete with Wi-Fi capabilities. It is possible to get real time access to your dogs activities when you are on the move.
  • Whistle comes integrated with Bluetooth. This allows you to see who the dog is with. Once set up, this is a nice feature
  • It is also possible to share your adventures that your dog experiences with other pet owners.

All in all, either FitBark or Whistle will be a good purchase if you wish to buy a dog activity monitor.

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