Best Foldable Headphones – What Portable Headphones Should You Buy?

Trying to select the best foldable headphones can be hard, because the sound quality of the headphones is often affected in a foldable product such as this. But, some people like to have a foldable product for when they go away on holiday. Trying to balance portability and sound quality is hard, so here are our recommendations for the best foldable headphones.

Best Foldable Headphones Guide

AILIHEN I60 Foldable Headphones

What are the best foldable headphones?

These Ailihen I60 foldable headphones are one of the strongest and neatly designed headphones we have reviewed. They are designed specifically for people who need headphones that fit into their luggage with the minimum amount of fuss. This is because they have been designed with only a few essential parts, so there is no way for any parts to break off when the headphones are being transported.

Each set of AILIHEN headphones are designed specifically to maximize comfort and wearability. The headphones have been made with 3D ergonomics, so each set is able to carefully follow the shape of the human head to ensure a snug fit. The stereo sound on offer is crisp, and the bass is powerful, yet not harsh on the ears.

It is essential to choose headphones that offer some form of warranty, so it is great to see that these Ailihen I60 foldable headphones come with a full 1 year warranty for added peace of mind. Some reviews suggest that they do feel a bit flimsy, but this is to be expected in a foldable product.

Biensound BT60 Lightweight Foldable Headphones

Another foldable product we would recommend are these Biensound BT60 Lightweight Foldable Headphones. They have a cutting edge design like the Ailihen headphones reviewed above. They are comfortable and most simple to use. The headphones are low profile when they have been folded, so they take up only a small amount of space. A nice feature of these headphones that the Ailihen headphones don’t offer is the noise cancelling technology that they come with. This makes them great for listening to music in the car or an aeroplane. A lot of people have bought these headphones for study in the library to cancel out background noise.

The headphones are compatible with all the latest devices from Android phones to iPads, so they can be used on all of your devices. The stretchable headband enables you to fit the headphones to your exact head measurements. The ear pads are particularly soft, and even after prolonged listening time, the headphones didn’t become uncomfortable to wear, which is a common problem we have experienced in other foldable headphones.

We hope you have found our review of these two foldable headphones helpful. If you have your own opinions on the best foldable headphones, be sure to let us know.

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