Best Foldable Solar Charger – What Portable Solar Charger to Buy?

When you are travelling or camping, access to a charging point for your precious electronics is often difficult to come by. This is why many people are resorting to buying a foldable solar charger. But, what is the best foldable solar charger for sale at the moment? Read our guide below to find out.

What is the Best Foldable Solar Charger?

Here are our recommendations.

SOKOO 22W 5V 2-Port USB Portable Foldable Solar Charger

What is the Best Foldable Solar Charger?

If you are looking for a water resistant portable charger, the SOKOO 22W 5V 2-Port USB Portable Foldable Solar Charger should be the one for you! It is made of particularly rugged PVC fabric canvas, which makes it ideal for use outdoors when the weather is often poor. Our experts have analyzed the solar technology in the device and they were able to note the high conversion efficiency of light into solar power. There is technology in the solar panel so that when it comes to charging your devices that it doesn’t overcharge and overheat your device, which is crucial for the safety and long term health of your electronics.

It comes fitted with copper lined eye holes, which allows you to attach the panel to your bag.  It is made particularly light weight for this purpose. In fact, it only weighs 17.5oz, which is pretty incredible for such a powerful solar panel.

What sets this panel apart from the competition is the 18 month warranty that it comes with. This is particularly reassuring if you are concerned about how the panel operates in rugged outdoor conditions. If you had any problem with the panel, all you need to do is send it back to the manufacturers for a replacement or repair.


ALLPOWERS 80W Foldable Solar Panel

If you are looking for a more high end model, then the ALLPOWERS 80W Foldable Solar Panel is the panel for your needs. Measurements made by our review team seem to suggest that it is able to provide 22-25% efficiency, which is a great conversion ratio. Like our panel reviewed above, it comes with little holes allowing you to attach it to your backpack or to your tent. The recently redesigned Allpowers 80W Foldable Solar Panel is able to offer a 33% increase in the amount of power it can generate, with a third off the total weight off the product, which is a fantastic upgrade. It is able to fold up into a neat little bag, which makes it ideal for storage.

If you have any other recommendations for the Best Foldable Solar Charger, be sure to let us know, and we will add your review to our page.

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