Best Fossil Smart Watch Guide – Which Fossil Watch to Choose?

Trying to select the best Fossil smart watch is quite a difficult undertaking. These smart watches have been heavily advertised over the last few months, so we thought we’d review some of the latest Fossil smart watches to help you choose the right watch for you. So, read on to find out more!

What is the Best Fossil Smart Watch?

Here are the Fossil watches that we currently recommend.

Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen

What is the best Fossil smart watch?

This smart watch combines the unique modern style of the smart watch with a traditional leather strap. This is ideal for any watch wearer who enjoys wearing an old style of watch, yet wants to incorporate modern technology into their watch. The device itself can be fitted to any Fossil branded straps, so if you have a pre-existing strap that you are quite attached to, then you can easily swap the straps about. The smart watch is compatible both with Android and iOs devices, and we found it to work in tandem with these devices rather well.

Some of the advantages of this smart watch include:

  • Receive notifications when you receive an email, call or text.
  • Setup the watch so you can receive social media notifications from websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Manufactured with Intel Innovation, so you can buy this product rest assured you are investing in a high end piece of modern technology that is cutting edge.

You can expect a Fossil smart watch to last about a day on a full battery charge. Of course, this will depend on how intensely you use the product day to day. For example, constant use of apps, wifi and notifications will be quite battery intensive.

Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 Touchscreen Silver Stainless Steel Smart Watch


For those of you who prefer a metallic strap rather than a leather strap, this may be the watch for you. This is a 2nd generation Fossil smart watch and has features such as a built in microphone, which enables you to give commands to your watch to carry out a task. Like the 1st generation Fossil smart watch, you can stream text, social media and email alerts to your watch using your Android or iOs device. It is also possible to control your music on the smart watch aswell, for streaming services such as Spotify.

For those of us who like to keep active, it is possible to track your movements throughout the day using this smart watch. For example, you can measure how many steps you completed, as well as measuring how many calories that you burned. This watch could replace a pre-existing activity tracker in our view because it is that good.

Like the 1st generation model, you can expect the battery life to last around one day before it needs recharged.

All in all, if you can afford to invest in a more expensive Fossil smart watch, we’d highly recommend selecting a 2nd generation model compared to a 1st generation watch, as we think that a 2nd Generation version is the best Fossil smart watch for sale at the moment. No matter which Fossil smart watch you choose, we think you will love it!

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