Best Home Security System Guide – FrontPoint Security

Trying to identify the best home security system can be very difficult. In the 21st century, it is important to have a wide range of alerts that will allow you to know about incidents happening in your home that are not just focused just on burglary attempts. Incidents such as flooding, frozen pipes aswell as child safety are also vitaly important.

Is FrontPoint Security the Best Home Security System?

One product we would recommend is that offered by FrontPoint Security. Their device has many new and innovative features which provide excellent value for money. One such feature that is triggered during a power cut is when the system uses a battery stored within the device to send you an alert of a power cut.

Is this the Best Home Security System from Frontpoint?

Frontpoint also leads the way in more traditional services provided by these home security systems. The device is able to monitor the temperature in your home, aswell as detecting any smoke that may be present. Although, you will need to connect a smoke detector onto the system in order for this feature to work. The system is able to detect a fast increase in the temperature before a fire occurs which is also a very useful feature.

The system is also very effective at detecting any Carbon Monoxide that may be present, aswell as natural gas that may be leaking from your cooker for example. This is a very useful feature to have, as these gases can be deadly and will give you added piece of mind for protecting your family.

There are various levels of service you can receive. I think it is very important to choose a service plan which can enable you to get alerts by mediums such as phone, app or text message. It is important to note that all alerts are passed through the main control panel for the device, which means there will be no false alarms.

The FrontPoint system is one of the best home security systems as it can function with nearly 40 sensors dotted around your property. It is best to place the system on a flat surface to ensure all signals are received, whilst avoiding the reach of family pets.

Installing the device is very straight forward and only took the review team a few minutes in order to set the system up. Make sure you buy the appropriate door sensors if you wish to monitor door movements. A unique feature of the FrontPoint system is that it can detect broken glass noise and alert you of this. This is especially good for detecting intrusions.

Should you buy the FrontPoint Home Security System?

Our review team was able to conclude that the Frontpoint system is able to offer an excellent range of coverage for home incidents – even with the entry level package. It is very easy to modify and personalize the alerts that you receive, which is not common amongst some of the other best home security system devices. This system is well worth considering and is rightly recommended as our best home security system.

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