Best Hybrid Smart Watch Guide – Which Hybrid Watch Should you Buy?

For many traditional watch wearers, it is important for them to have a good looking watch that looks like a classy normal watch, but also has the functionality of a smart watch. This is what hybrid watches try to achieve. There are many different hybrid watches available, so we thought we’d recommend the best hybrid smart watch devices to make your decision process easier for buying your first hybrid watch.

What is the Best Hybrid Smart Watch?

Here are the hybrid smart watches that we recommend.

Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch

What is the best hybrid smart watch?

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch is our editors personal favorite – and for good reason. The watch looks like a classy modern traditional watch, but integrates the latest smart watch technology. Amongst the functionality that the watch has, it is able to track the number of steps that you complete in a day, as well as the distance you have walked and the calories you have used. Not only this, it is able to track how much “light” and “restful” sleep that you have during the night. Also, it has a vibration alert which can let you know when you receive a call or a text. You can also set the alert to sound if you would like your watch to provide a notification for an app that you use on a regular basis.

It is also possible to play music wirelessly using the Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smart Watch. This is great if you wish to play music on the go. The watch itself is made of high quality stainless steel with a carefully crafted aluminium body. This construction allows the watch to be waterproof up to 5 ATM. In terms of the battery, it will last 6 months before it will need replaced.

Diesel On Time Hybrid Smartwatch

Another popular hybrid smart watch that we recommend is the Diesel On Time Hybrid Smartwatch. This is a smart watch that looks incredibly sleek. The watch makes the most of modern smart watch technology but also makes use of the cutting edge style that Diesel offers. This is a no charge smart watch, so it runs on replaceable batteries like a regular watch. It offers activity tracking and smart phone notifications. It also adjusts the time automatically if you are in a new time zone. Using the customizable link button, you can use the Diesel On Time Hybrid Smart Watch to play music, ring your phone if it is lost or even take a photo! It truly is a multi-functional hybrid watch.

Like the Misfit Hybrid Watch above, you are able to track the number of light and restful sleep hours that you manage to have. It will also track the number of hours that you are on the go for. Using the unique sub disc dial on the watch face, you can track your activity.

Overall, if you are on a budget, we’d recommend the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smart Watch, but if you are looking for advanced functionality, the Diesel On Time Hybrid Smartwatch should be your watch of choice.

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