Best Media Streamer Review Guide – What Dongle Should I buy?

Choosing the best media streamer can be very difficult. Smart TVs have really come into their own over the last couple of years. But when money is tight, it can be tough to afford one of these TV systems as they can be double the price of a normal TV. More and more, people are turning to using media streamers in order to acquire the functionality of a Smart TV without paying the premium price for one.

So what sort of content can you access with a media streamer? Well, for a start, you can access such services as Netflix, Amazon and BBC iPlayer if you are in the UK, aswell as other on-demand services. Because there are now quite a lot of media streamers now in the marketplace, we thought we’d review some of the best media streamer devices for sale at the moment.

When searching for the best media streamer, it is important to consider the content of each device, as more often than not, they won’t include absolutely everything you will ever need. From our tests, Roku has the largest range of different apps and functionality available, but this can change as more devices are released to the market.

Other features that these media streaming devices do is to enhance the experience for smartphone and tablet owners who can transmit content from their phones to the TV with the connected media streaming device. All you have to do is press a button on your phone and the media streaming device picks it up and hey presto, you can see it on the screen!

Best Media Streamer – What are the Options?

Let’s first kick off with the Roku Streaming Stick. As mentioned above, Roku has the most content for your buck. I think it is worth paying more for this device compared to the Google Chromecast for example. The Roku comes with a remote control which makes handling the system a breeze. This is not common amongst all media streamers. It is possible however to control the system via your smartphone if this is what you prefer.

Is the Roku the Best Media Streamer?

We found around 500 channels (apps) to use, but I would recommend just choosing the ones you personally want to use as there is a lot of rubbish.  Big names such as Netflix, iPlayer, 4od, Demand 5, ITV player, Youtube and Spotify are able to be used with the Roku streaming stick.

Another media streamer which you can use is the Google Chromecast. Possibly the most well-known media streamer in my view. The new updated model has better wifi and comes priced around £30. But in all honesty, the Roku streaming device seems to surpass the Chromecast because of the improved quality of content, despite being on average £10 more expensive. There is a little incentive for buying the Chromecast as it comes with £20 credit to spend on the Play store and sometimes Google provide free movie rentals to their customers.

No matter what media streamer you buy, you will find it enhances your TV experience. Feel free to post your reviews below!



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