What are the Best Network Attached Storage Devices? Top NAS Device Tips

If you are looking for the best network attached storage devices, you have come to the right place. When you have never bought an NAS device before, it can be hard to filter through all the options and select the device that is right for you. So, here are our recommendations.

Best Network Attached Storage Devices

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay NAS device

If you are looking for a device that is able to offer you a “personal cloud”, the Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay NAS device should be top of your list. It is similar to “My Cloud” devices, but the Seagate offers much better storage capacity than its competitor. An added advantage is that it has two bays for two hard drives. This has the added advantage which allows you to copy the files from hard drive connected to the Seagate with another hard drive, in a process known as mirroring. This allows you to have a second backup if one of your hard drive fails – almost like a backup of a backup.

This is a device which doesn’t stand out, so it can sit with your router and not look “ugly”. It is compatible with cloud accounts such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


QNAP TS-251A NAS Device


what is the best network attached storage device?


A device you may not have heard of is the QNAP TS-251A. This is an NAS device which has a lot more features than a standard model would have. There are two Ethernet ports along with an accompanying HDMI out cable, which allows you to connect the device to your TV if you’d like. The hardware of the QNAP is also mightily impressive, thanks to its dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Celeron CPU and 4GB of RAM. This can of course be expanded if and when required to 8GB. With the QTS operating system, it is easy to install a number of apps to add to the functionality from the Plex Media Server and file sharing apps. There is also the option to run Ubuntu Linux for even more flexibility, if you’d prefer.

All in all, the QNAP TS-251A NAS device is a fantastic investment. It is important to note however that you will need to buy additional hard drives in order for this device to work, so make sure you factor in the cost of an additional hard drive.

If you have your own recommendations for the best network attached storage devices, please let us know, and we will add your device to our review.

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