Best Pet GPS Tracker Guide – What is the Best Pet Tracker To Buy?

With the advances in smart pet devices, it’s becoming more and more difficult to select the best pet gps tracker. As more and more companies enter the pet tracking space, the quality and features of pet GPS trackers is growing at an exponential rate. So, we at Portable Technology thought we would review and recommend what we think is the best pet GPS tracker currently in the market.

What is the Best Pet GPS Tracker?

Before we look at the models available, it is important to split these trackers into two distinct categories. There are what are called “Radio Trackers” and “GPS Trackers”.

Radio Trackers use what we would consider as old technology. These devices, which are still freely available, don’t require a monthly subscription that many GPS trackers now have. In the past, Radio Trackers were regularly used by hunters for their hunting dogs, but they have their limitations. The range at which they work is probably the same distance at which a walky talky would work. There are higher end models which can have a greater range, but on average, this would be the range that would be expected from a “run of the mill” radio tracker.
On the other hand, there are also the latest GPS Trackers which use cutting edge technology that very accurately tracks the location of your pet at the time you check your pet’s location. The device is also able to store the movements of your dog. This could be useful if you use a dog walking service to check if your dog has actually been walked.

In some GPS tracker models, they can alert the owner when the pet leaves or crosses over a pre-defined area that you set, such as a yard for example. So, what models should you consider?

Gibi Pet Locator

Choosing the best pet GPS tracker can be hard, but the Gibi is a nice option

We found this to be one of the best pet GPS tracker models currently available because of its  tough and waterproof construction, coupled with its very accurate tracking technology. In order to track your pet, simply download the app, and you can locate your dog using Google Maps.

The app that comes with the Gibi enables you to design a “safe zone” for your pet to use, and if it leaves this pre-defined zone, you will receive an instant alert to a medium that you select, such as by phone.

We found that The Gibi pet locator can easily attach to any existing collar, so there is no need to ditch your pets existing collar!

Garmin GTU 10


We found the Garmin GTU 10 to be a compact, waterproof and accurate pet tracking device. It can be seamlessly attached to an existing collar, and offers flawless coverage of your pet’s whereabouts. The device comes with a free year of tracking, which some other models do not offer, so we feel that this device is excellent value for money.

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