Best Portable Projector Guide – Which Pocket Projector Should you Buy?

Portable projectors have become rather popular in the last few months. It was inconceivable just a few years ago that you could have such a portable device to pop into your bag and bring out at meetings. Technology has improved immeasurably in that time, and this has lead to the size of the projectors decreasing. So, we thought we’d create our very own guide to help you choose the best portable projector for your needs.

What is the Best Portable Projector?

Here are the models that we would consider to be put on your short list:

Philips Pico PPX4010 Portable Pocket Projector

Is this the best portable projector?

What makes the Philips model one of the best portable projector devices? Well, it comes fitted with its very own “Smart Engine” which boasts the latest LED technology. This means the projector is able to provide truly excellent image quality. We found the brightness of the colors to be incredibly clear and radiant. Contrast was also good. It is able to project high definition images, as well as videos. In terms of presentations, it can project these clearly up to 120 inches in size. It is easy to connect the Philips Pico using a conventional HDMI cable. In terms of weight, it just weighs 83 grams, so this truly is a portable product. The manufacturers say that the LED light source is able to last over 30,000 hours before needing replaced. A warranty is also available with the Philips Pico. Philips are always good when it comes to honoring warranties, so you can buy the Pico with peace of mind.

Magnasonic Mini Portable Pico Video Projector

If you are on a budget, the Magnasonic portable projector could be the device for you. It is incredibly easy to setup and use. I would say that it has plug and play functionality, which I can’t say about many devices in this niche. All you do is connect the HDMI cable and it allows anyone to beam videos and images up to 80 inches in size. We found the color quality to be excellent, which is in part due to the fantastic 100 lumen DLP light engine.  It has quite a good battery life for a projector – approximately two hours. It can be recharged of course. It is light weight as well so you can simply pop it into your bag when you need to. It comes with various cables and adapters that allows you to beam video direct from your smartphone and other devices onto a wall. Note that you will need to buy an adapter for Apple products. The device is also fitted with high quality internal speakers, which is able to produce sound of excellent quality. It comes with a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, so if you ever have any problems with this device during the warranty period, you can send it back for a replacement – no questions asked!

If you have any views on these portable projectors, or would like to recommend another projector for us to review, simply send us an email. Good luck in your search!


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