Best Robot Vacuum Guide – What Robotic Hoover Should I Choose?

Trying to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner can be rather difficult. When time is precious, the last thing you feel like doing is hoovering your property. This could all be a thing of the past with the latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners being released. Many believe that this type of product is needless technology, but the quality of robot vacuum cleaners has improved immeasurably over the last few years. Read our guide below as we examine the best robot vacuum cleaner devices currently for sale at the moment.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner – What Device should I buy?

Neato Botvac Connected

Is the Neato the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Often touted as the best robot vacuum cleaner from independent review websites, the Neato Botvac Connected is an impressive piece of technology. In our test, we found the Neato managed to seamlessly clean the outer perimeter of our room in a methodical fashion, ensuring every area of the room was covered. Some devices clean in a haphazard way, but the Neato completed the vacuum process in a systematic way. The device approached any objects within its way by slowing down to ensure it didn’t needlessly bang into items in its path. The Neato Botvac managed to “hug” those borders made by the items in its path to ensure they were vacuumed. Our test team said that they probably couldn’t do a better job of vacuuming! This is a ringing endorsement for the Neato.

If you are not satisfied by the way the Neato Botvac completed the first sweep of the room, you can instruct the device to carry out the process once more to ensure the room is completely clean. We used cat litter as a test substance, since it is notoriously difficult to pick up, but the Neato Botvac managed to hoover up this material with ease. If it can do that with cat litter, it can do it with almost any substance.

iRobot Roomba 980


The iRobot is slightly more expensive than the Neato Botvac examined above. Our test team were mightily impressed with the quality of the clean offered by the iRobot. It is possible to download an app and connect the iRobot to your wifi connection, allowing you to control the device with ease.

The iRobot comes with a unique feature called “Carpet Boost”, which makes the device slightly louder. This setting applies extra suction, so the performance is vastly improved and the iRobot seems to work better on carpet using this setting compared with the Neato Botvac. In saying that, if you have harder floors such as laminate, I believe the Neato Botvac could be a better solution than the iRobot. The iRobot also carries out more than one pass of the room to ensure the room is as clean as possible.

Both the Neato Botvac and the iRobot Roomba 980 are two of the best robotic vacuum cleaners currently for sale at the monent. Make sure you do your research and read customer reviews from people who have bought and used the product to ensure you are getting the right robotic vacuum for you.

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