Best Smart Car Charger Guide – What is the Best Car Charger?

Car chargers have been around for a few years. But a new generation of “smart car chargers” have entered the fray. So we thought we’d take a look at the best smart car charger devices currently for sale at the moment. After examining a wide range of smart car chargers, it is our opinion that the ZUS Smart Car Charger is currently head and shoulders above the competition.

Why is the ZUS the Best Smart Car Charger?

Is the Zus the best smart car charger?

First off, the ZUS smart car charger looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The first impressions it gives is remarkably positive. The ZUS is made of titanium which provides a degree of strength that other smart car chargers might not provide. Even though it is a little bit heavier than other similar products, it shows that the device has been extremely well made.

The ZUS has a unique cooling system which certainly sets the device apart from the competition. This mechanism brings the temperature of the device down, making it more efficient – and safer.

The ZUS smart car charger comes with two USB charging ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. In our test, it only takes 3.75 hours to charge an iPad from empty to full compared to some other chargers that can take up to 8 hours. I also found smartphones charge quicker than an iPad, which is extremely positive.

The “smart” functionality of the Zus smart car charger comes with a built-in car locator. It works even when there is no mobile signal. The app that the Zus comes with connects your smartphone and holds the location of your car on the device. If you had a problem locating your car in a busy car park (which I’ve done many a time!), all you have to do is open the Zus app and it will guide you to your vehicle. The accuracy of the car locator was actually very good and is a nice feature to add to an already impressive piece of technology.

In terms of setting up the device, if you can set up Bluetooth for example, you shouldn’t have any problems with using the Zus smart car charger. After one or two attempts, you will be able to use the device as if it is second nature.

Onto pricing. Currently, the ZUS smart car charger is priced just under $50. There is an Indiegogo campaign on going for this device which allows you to get the device for just $29, but this will end soon. The dual 4.8A charging capability is unusual in an in-car charger, and I believe the device should be purchased for this reason alone. Coupled with the temperature reducing features and the car locator, this is truly the best smart car charger and you will not be disappointed with this purchase. If you have your own experience with the Zus smart car charger, be sure to let us know, or outline other smart car charger recommendations for us to review at a later date.

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