Best Smart Glasses Guide – What Smart Glasses Should you Buy?

If you are looking for the best smart glasses, then you have come to the right place. We have been reviewing many of the latest smart glasses in order to advise our visitors which glasses to select. So, read on as we look at (excuse the pun) the best products for the coming year.

What are the Best Smart Glasses for Sale?

Vuzix M100

What are the best smart glasses for 2017?

It could be argued that there are no new features which can be added to a pre-existing smart phone. Now, manufacturers have been busily moving on to other more less developed technologies in order to develop the newest innovative product. This is especially true of the Vuzix M100, which is one of the best smart glasses on the market at the moment. These smart glasses are like a mini hands free computer, such is there power and functionality, as the glasses are built using an Android based display.

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses could be quite popular as they allow the wearer of the glasses to take images as well as record videos. Other features include a neat little calendar, with a digital assistant which allows you to pair the smart glasses with your smart phone. The Vuzix M100 can actually be worn in two different ways – one as a pair of ordinary glasses with the other allowing the glasses to be fixed to the head.

The Vuzix M100 glasses also come with wireless connectivity capabilities. This ensures that you can communicate with your smart phone in an easy and flawless way. We found the Vuzix glasses to be perfect for when you need your hands to be free – such as when you are out on a hike. It is possible to easily take photos using the glasses and could even be used as a replacement for your camera. The glasses also allow you to record all that you see, so it is ideal if you wish to live in the moment. Oh, and who knows what you might record by keeping the recording button on!

Atheer Air


The Atheer Air Smart Glasses have the best field of vision from all the smart glasses we have tested. This allows the smart glasses to become AR devices. To put this into some form of context, it would be like watching a 26″ TV from 1.5 feet away. That’s truly mind boggling!

The Atheer Air comes fitted with two eight megapixel cameras – one for depth perception and the second for taking pictures and recording videos. These glasses also feature a rechargeable battery with speakers and a built in microphone. You can truly appreciate the sheer amount of technology that is integrated into these glasses. Other features include GPS, a gyroscope as well a neat little light sensor. All in all, these glasses will knock your socks off!

If you have any advise about the latest smart glasses, be sure to let us know. This is a fast developing field with new products being released weekly, so keep a look out for new developments.

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