Best Smart Watches

Hate to use your smartphones every time you enter any party? Even it becomes tough to take out your smart phone from your pocket again and again when you are attending any important meeting. However, checking notifications can be very important sometimes but will others understand? So, switch to smart watches that will do a lot of functions in order to make your life easier and happier. There are so many of them in the market, let’s find out the best smart watches among them.

Moto 360

This smart watch is powered by Android wear and this comfortable time piece will provide you with more information than just time. You get notifications even without pairing your watch with your smartphone as it has built in Wi-Fi. You will never prefer a watch that does not look sleek and stylish. You do not have to complain this about Moto360. It is sleek and will give your wrist trendy look.

It weighs about 2 ounces and that makes it very comfortable to wear. Either uses the black strap or any other additional leather band. However, although it is trendy, its drawback is its screen resolution which is only 320×290 pixels. Even it has a weak processor that may slowdown the whole process sometimes. However, it’s built in heart rate monitor compensates for the issues a lot and also the built in Wi-Fi is great.

LG G Watch R

A smart watch that boasts a battery life of 2 days, LG G watch has made its place among the best smart watches. It is round in shape and is made up of stainless steel. A look at this smart watch ill look like a classic timepiece rather than a smart watch, but its features ill surely remind you of a smart watch. It has 1.3-inch P-OLED display that is sharper and viewing to the screen is clear. It weighs about just 2.l9 ounces.

Another reason that it is among the best smart phones is its internal features. It has 1.2GHz processor that comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB external storage. It supports Wi-Fi and thus you can get notifications even when you are on move. However, just like many other smart watches it does not have GPS. If you want a fitness tracker too then this is best as it comes with built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. So no it becomes easy to measure your calories burnt after you return from jogging!

AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch

With the state of art technology, Airsspu TM smart watch is considered among the best smart watches for its features that makes it exclusive among other smart watches. You can don load any personalized information in this watch for using it later. Connects with your smart phone via Bluetooth it allows you to view notifications. With the built in camera take snaps wherever you want and share in with your social network. The beauty of the screen is brought about by the 2.5 radian glass that is embraced by aluminum.

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