What is the Best Smart Water Sprinkler System for Your Garden?

There are lots of home automation products being released to the market. One of these products are transforming how we look after our gardens. Introducing the Smart Water Sprinkler System! If you are thinking about buying one of these units, you will likely be looking for advice on what is the best smart water sprinkler system for your garden. This is where we come in! Here we look at one product that offers the best all round performance.

Best Smart Water Sprinkler System

Rachio 3 WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, Works with Alexa, 8-Zone

Best Smart Water Sprinkler System


The first system we would recommend is Rachio 3 WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller. Rachio 3 is actually from a line of Amazon products, so you can be rest assured that the system is well made and works as expected. To control your lawn remotely, all you need to do is download the app to your smartphone or laptop to manage when the sprinkler system should be activated. It is quick and easy to install and use.

With this product, you can set up your own schedules or input details like the plant type that is being watered, as well as the sun exposure to let Rachio automatically water your lawn with the needs of your garden known. This ensures your garden is not under or over watered.

The system can also take note of the weather forecasts. It makes use of Rachio Weather Intelligence™ Plus, which is exclusive to Rachio 3, which allows the device to automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the comprehensive forecasts in your local area. No other device can do this! It is able to make use of satellite, radar and weather station data to manage and control every aspect of your garden. There is no chance of the garden being watered in the rain, wind or snow.

Studies have shown that this product is able to save both money and water, so it is great for the environment and your bank balance. Some gardeners found that they were able to reduce their water bill by up to 50% while keeping their garden healthy. This is a great saving! The product is EPA WaterSense certified, which means it is endorsed by other organisations.

The device is also compatible with smart-home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Have you used this sprinkler system before? Is it the best smart water sprinkler system for your garden? Let us know!

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