Best Starter DSLR Camera

How to find the best starter DSLR digital camera.
Different manufacturers are everyday coming out with new and updated digital camera models so that they can reach the hands of the potential clients who are great photograph lovers. There are a variety of DSLR cameras that are available in a variety of brands with some of the best features.

The best features in a DSLR camera

The best starter DSLR camera comes in a varied number of features such as digital zoom lens, expandable memory, portable candy colored with a 512 MB expandable memory of high velocity SD card. Some of the best cameras also have 8 and 10 mega pixels with I Gb expandable memory.The key level of the digital camra is to find out that best camera that suits yor requirements within the affordable budget.Before purchasing a DSLR camera it is important to conduct a market research and buy the best SLR at the most affordable price.

What makes a digital camera so unique mong so many other cameras

When you are searching for some of the finest best stater DSLR camera, there are a few things to look into.These are some of the most important things that you need to look into if you want to buy the finest digital camera

Mega pixels

Some of the best features that you need to look while choosing a best starter DSLR camera is the megapixels.The higher the mega pixel would be, the better would be the picture quality.A mega pixel is almost equal to one million pixels.The camera is judged based on the pixel property as well as the picture quality.If you enlarge a picure, you can lso get extra details as well as the different colors of the picture in case of good mega pixels.

The size of the LCD

The perfect digital camera is based on the size of the LCD.If the LCD is bigger in size it helps to capture some of the best pictures as well as rviewing the pictures in the ebst possible way.Sme cameras also have touch up features along with its LCD.A normal LCD size is 2.5 inches or higher for a best starter DSLR camera.

The Zoom lens and the memory card

Most of the digital DSLR cameras have digital as well as optical zoom lens.A higher zoom lens is better than a better quality digital zoom.The normal digital cmeras usually have a zoom lens of 3x to 10x. If the zoom lens is higher, better pictures from long distance can be captured.The memory card helps to store more amount of pictures .There are a wide variety of memory cards that can be chosen for the best starter DSLR camera like XD, SD, Flash card and the and many more.

There are a variety of DSLR cameras that can be purchased from the market that fits your needs and requirements.The best starter DSLR camera should be purchased after much considerations. If you are an amateur in the world f phiotography then start with the basic model and slowly go on to the advanced models as time progresses.

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