What is the Best Tablet for Photo Editing?

Tablets are becoming more and more sophisticated as the years go by, and this means we expect more from tablet devices. Many people have began to use tablets for photo editing. This is especially true for a photographer who wishes to edit images on the go. But what is the best tablet for photo editing? Here are two tablets that we think should be considered.

Best Tablet for Photo Editing Review

Huion KAMVAS GT-156″

The Huion KAMVAS GT-156″ is a new tablet from Huion, which is fitted with an impressive 15.6″high-resolution display. It may not be the most well known tablet brand, but it is ideal for editing photos. The clarity of the screen is fantastic, and it comes with 87% Adobe RGB colors.

It is ideal for carrying around, thanks to its slim design. It also weighs just over 3 pounds. If you need to prop the tablet up during use, all you need to do is to pop out the little stand which keeps the tablet at an angle of 20 degrees, making drawing and editing easier. Editing photos is a breeze thanks to the Huion Pen, which is able to accurately edit images, just like a pencil. The manufacturers say that it gives up to two times greater accuracy than the previous version.

To maximize your productivity, you can make use of a number of different features such as zoom, pan and navigate, which can easily done with a flick of your finger. You can create macros with 14 different keys, allowing you to do commonly completed tasks quicker.

Overall, we would highly recommend the Huion KAMVAS GT-156 HD and recommend that you give it a try.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is the best tablet for photo editing

Of course, arguably the best tablet for photo editing is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. You may need to expand your budget a little with this tablet, but it will certainly be worth it.

Microsoft have promised for years that one day their tablets will ultimately replace laptops, and it certainly seems like they are with this device. The processing power is equal to a standard laptop, so there is no need to worry about sluggish speeds. The screen is big enough to allow for accurateediting to take place, and even the tiniest edits are simple with the Pro 4.

The touchscreen magnetic stylus is hard wearing and a pleasure to use. The detachable keyboard is able to come on and off in seconds. Running Photoshop and other photo editing applications is fast, and you will be able to edit photos on the go in a quick and efficient manner.

Both of these tablets rightly claim to be the best tablet for photo editing, so its up to you to make your mind up!

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