Best VR Headset Guide – What is the Best Virtual Reality Headset?

Choosing the best VR headset can be very difficult. Because it is such new technology, many of us will not know what to look out for in order to choose the right headset. Many experts believe that 2016 will be the year where virtual reality will really come into its own. Manufacturing heavy weights such as Sony and HTC have entered the space with their own headsets.

What is the Best VR Headset?

The Budget (Free) Option

Choosing the best VR headset can be hard

If you are just starting out and even just curious as to what virtual reality is like, Google launched a product called “Google Cardboard”. Most people believe this is a just gimmick and cannot accurately allow a person to experience virtual reality. You can actually download the instructions from their website to build it yourself. Or it can be bought for £15 if you don’t want to build it yourself.

Our recommendation – Oculus Rift


This is an impressive piece of technology and certainly earns the right to be called one of the best VR headset products on the market at the moment. The company who manufactures the headset were purchased by social media giant Facebook for an incredible £2 Billion, so if Facebook thinks its worth buying, then it certainly must be! It has spent years in development and costs around £500 to purchase, but we expect the price to come down in the not too distant future. The device offers a plug and play feature with Windows 10. They have focused on making the device as user friendly as possible, which certainly shows.

The Oculus Rift is able to connect to your computer via USB aswell as DVI, and incorporates complex headphones built into the device. These can be readily replaced if you wish to use your own, better headphones.

Oculus are in the process of manufacturing controllers for the headset, which should be an interesting addition to an already fantastic product. This is expected to be launched in late 2016. At the moment, the Oculus Rift is currently sold with an Xbox 1 controller, which provides a basic, yet interesting, way for you to interact with your gaming experience. I believe the experience that the Oculus Rift can provide will be improved with the launch of it’s own controller.

Another alternative is the HTC Vive. While not as well known as the Oculus Rift, it offers one particularly unique feature. The Vive comes equipped with two integrated trackers that track your position in the external environment, and mimics this movement within your game. It could be best described as a device that allows you to interact in the game in the same way you interact with the external environment in your home. Rather complex to explain, but easy to use! The display contains the highest possible quality display that is currently available on the market making the device incredibly life like.

Both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are two of the best VR headset devices currently on the market at the moment.

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