Best WiFi Internet Radio Guide – What is the Best Wireless Radio?

With the advent of wireless streaming, Wifi Internet Radio’s have become rather fashionable. So, we have attempted to try and identify the Best WiFi Internet Radio for sale at the moment.

What is the Best Wifi Internet Radio?

Here are two radios we recommend.

Sonicgrace WIFI Internet Radio

What is the best wifi internet radio?

Sonicgrace products have been around for a while, mainly due to their high quality products that they produce. Their Wifi Internet Radio is made with a unique Zinc alloy structure, which is fashionable and robust. It is actually possible to connect any of your devices such as smartphones to the Internet Radio due to the presence of connections for Micro SD, Micro USB and regular USB.

In terms of the sound quality, we were mightily impressed with the sound. We were able to enjoy excellent crisp highs, with deep, booming base.

According to the manufacturers, it is possible to stream an incredible 18,000 radio stations to the device, as well as music streaming services such as Amazon, Spotify and Pandora. This means you can enjoy a wealth of audio content, right at your fingertips. All you need is a Wifi connection to benefit from all the services the Sonicgrace Wifi Internet Radio provides.

The battery of the Sonicgrace radio is quite impressive. It is rechargeable whilst allowing you an incredible 10 hours worth of battery life, before it needs charged again. If you are away from a mains supply, you can even charge your smart phone from the radio if required.

It is possible to manage the device using an easy to use touchscreen which is integrated into the device. This allows you to easily set the application you’d like the Sonicgrace radio to use, or select an individual song from a list. Even first time users will find the process a breeze.

It is both suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so it would be a great companion on outdoor treks. You can also set it to sound an alarm in the morning for you. All in all, this is a fantastic device and one you should definitely consider purchasing.

Sangean DDR-63 WiFi Internet Radio

If you are looking for a more traditional looking radio system, the Sangean DDR-63 WiFi Internet Radio may be the best device for you. This truly is an all in one device which allows you to play your smart devices, as well as internet radio. It is suitable for connecting your iOs devices, and it includes 99 preset internet radio stations for you to enjoy. It is possible to set your own, depending on what stations you would like to tune into. It allows access up to 16,000 different internet radio stations, so we are sure you will find the station you need. The sound quality of the Sangean DDR-63 WiFi Internet Radio is very good, and this radio is a worth addition to our Best WiFi Internet Radio guide.

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