Best Wireless Receiver Component for Streaming Music

If you are looking for the best wireless receiver component for streaming music, then we’d recommend the Sonos Connect system. Why do we think this? Read on to find out.

Why is the Sonos Connect the Best Wireless Receiver Component for Streaming Music?


Is the Sonos the Best Wireless Receiver Component for Streaming Music?

The most striking thing about the Sonos Connect is its incredible design. It looks stylish and sleek, and is suitable for any home up and down the country. Although it is slightly larger than some of the other receivers that are currently on the market, it packs in more functionality which other devices could only dream of. Dimensions wise, the Sonos Connect is just under 3 inchs in height, with a width of 5 inches and a depth of 5 inches.

As a comparison, it reminds me of the Connect:Amp product. But, the Sonos Connect has an all white coloring rather than the two color setup of the Connect:Amp. The Sonos Connect sits on carefully crafted rubber feet, which are blue in color.


Many of you will have a stereo in your home already, but you may be looking for streaming capability, then the Sonos Connect should be your port of call. You may be wondering, but the Sonos Connect used to be called the ZonePlayer ZP90, and was rebranded prior to the Play:3 being introduced into the market.

It is important to note that the Sonos Connect is only usable for music. This may seem to be a disadvantage, but it concentrates on the music playback functionality rather than being a jack of all trades, which we like. It does this by having an excellent user interface, and specialist functionality that other systems fail to match. It is able to work with nearly all the major music subscription offerings such as Spotify, Pandora and MOG, as well as the recently introduced Amazon Cloud Player.

Wifi not Bluetooth

With the Sonos Connect system, it is able to play music using your home Wifi network, rather than from Bluetooth. Using Wifi is a lot better than using Bluetooth, because this reduces the likelihood that you will have any dropouts and delays which is common from a dodgy Bluetooth connection.


While one room of high quality streaming music is usually all that is required, it is possible to fill your house with music by simply adding more Sonos speakers to different areas of your house. This multi-room functionality allows you to play the same song in each room, or it is possible to play different songs in different rooms. This is functionality that truly sets this product apart from the competition.

This audio system we feel is able to rekindle your love of music, by offering it in an easily accessible way, in a way that is truly enjoyable. You will not be disappointed with the Sonos Connect system, and this is why we think it is the Best Wireless Receiver Component for Streaming Music.

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