Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review

We have been asked to complete a review of the latest Fitbit release called The Fitbit Blaze. If you are looking for the ultimate fitness smart watch, then look no further than this piece of tech. Not only does it incorporate the fitness tracking that Fitbit is renowned for, it also now integrates smart watch capabilities. Could the Fitbit be looking to transit solely from a fitness tracker to a smart watch producer? Only time will tell…

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review – Our View

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The Fitbit Blze has a 1.2-inch, detachable 240 x 180-pixel colour screen, which offers excellent clarity. The metallic frame of the watch and a rubber textured strap give added strength to the watch, which means if dropped, it wouldn’t smash into a million pieces. While it may not be the most pleasant watch to look at from an aesthetic point of view, what it lacks in looks is made up by the functionality that it offers.

The Blaze actually makes use of its own proprietary software, which is different from other Fitbit products, which may seem a bit baffling to loyal users. In order to access apps from the watch, you have to swipe left on the homescreen. Like previous Fitbits, it is not open to 3rd party software like with other smartwatch providers. This certainly reduces the flexibility of the device, but we were mightily impressed by the exercise tools on offer. It is best to think of the Blaze as a souped up Fitbit.

When I paired the Blaze with my smart phone, the Blaze was able to track distance reasonably well. I ran around a track which I knew was 5km in length, and the Blaze never threw up any problems or inconsistencies when tested against the Band 2 for example.

One area where the Blaze excels against the competition is when it comes to battery life. Other smart watches that we have tested on our website in the past have struggled to offer more than 2 days worth of use on one charge. We used the smart watch for 5 days before a recharge was required, so we were left mightily impressed by the battery.

Should I Buy the Fitbit Blaze?

If you’re a casual runner or someone who is looking for added smart watch functionality that integrates a fitness element, the Fitbit blaze should be considered. While it may not be the prettiest of watches, it packs in a lot of functionality that will enhance your life greatly.

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