Is the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Better Than the

Are you on the hunt for the best Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker? You have come to the right place. We thought we’d review the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini and the AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker to see which one is better. Has the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini stolen the crown of the AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker?

What is Better? The Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini or 

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini 

This is a tracker made and manufactured by SpyTec. They are an industry leader in consumer and enterprise GPS trackers, and have built up a great reputation in the last 15 years that they have been in business. The cutting-edge STI_GL300 is perfect for tracking your loved ones and valuables when you are on the move around town. The GL300 is able to offer cutting-edge GPS technology which allows you to track and keep up to date in real time where your subject is. The GL300 is able to update the location as often as every 5 seconds, which makes it perfect for tracking moving people, assets and vehicles.

Because the tracker makes use of motion activation, the battery life of the GL300 is very good. It is possible for the tracker to last upwards of 2 weeks or longer in most cases. This is good if you struggle to remember to charge your devices!

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

The AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker comes highly recommended. It is perfect for tracking vehicles, as well as valuable assets, family, employees, etc.

It is a very portable device. As you can see by the image above, it is around the size of a coin. This makes it perfect for slipping into bags and cars.

The device is able to accurately detect movement, such as when parking and speeding occurs.

There are no contracts and no activation fees with this tracker, as well as no cancellation fees. It is important to note that as with all GPS receivers, it works better if there are not obstacles between it and the open. It is possible to track your device from a computer, tablet or smartphone with ease.

Have you used any of these trackers before? Let us know what you thought of them!

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