Recommendations for the Best Smart Plug

Smart plugs are becoming the new must have digital gadget for the tech enthusiast. But which smart plugs are worth buying? Here we take a look at the latest plugs for sale that we recommend.

Kasa Smart HS100 Wi-Fi Plug

If you want to transform all of your outlets into smart outlets, the Kasa Smart HS100 plug is a great choice to consider. The Kasa app allows you to add as many smart plugs as you’d like, so you can totally makeover your home one outlet at a time to most effectively use your appliances and favorite devices. Use the app to determine where your biggest energy costs are coming from and create a schedule that prevents power-hungry devices from being used longer than necessary. Make schedules for each individual device for every day of the week or even create schedules for specific times each day. Power home devices on or off with the touch of a button using your existing Wi-Fi network via the free Kasa app, which is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 9 and higher.

Amazon Smart Plug

When you’re looking to buy a smart plug, chances are your first stop is Amazon. Finally, the tech giant has a branded smart plug of their own, and it remains true to Amazon’s proclivity for simple products at a wallet-friendly price. The Amazon Smart Plug is similar to most other smart plugs in that it connects via Wi-Fi and allows you to remotely control the power to whatever appliance or device is plugged into it. This plug also works via the Alexa app, so it’s a particularly good choice for those who already have a few Amazon devices.

Setup is simple: just plug it into the wall, then fire up the Alexa app and connect it to Wi-Fi. Then you’re good to go. The plug itself is a sleek white design with a 3.2 x 2.2 x 1.5-inch footprint that will only take up one outlet. It has a bright blue LED to indicate status, a physical on/off button, and that’s about it. It’s simple and easy-to-use, making it an intuitive and convenient addition to any home (but especially those that already have Alexa).

Have you tried smart plugs before? Are they worth investing in? Let us know!

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