Taking a Look at Apple Airpods – Are They Worth Buying?

Apple’s Airpods were released with a great deal of hype, and many people went away and purchased them.  But do the features and performance make them one of the best wireless earbuds out for sale at the moment?

As popular as these Airpods are, they are good but certainly not perfect. Apple recently gave them a complete hardware refresh, and they are now vastly improved. Let’s take a look at these Airpods in a little more detail.

Apple is king when it comes to build quality and design, and we feel that this is still the case with the AirPods… kind of. Despite being made of plastic, the charging case feels great when you hold it. We found it to be lightweight and sturdy, which makes it quite rugged and portable. The new Airpods (or Airpods 2) are identical in appearance to the previous version. Some people had trouble getting the original version of the Airpods to fit into their ears, so if this was the case for you, you will likely have this problem again with the new version. But, with the gels, you can mould a good fit to make the Airpods stay secure.

apple airbuds

The bottom of the case has a single Lightning port for charging, and on the back there’s a button to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. But what really makes the build quality stand out are the magnets. The lid is held closed by a magnet, and flicking it open or closed is easy. There are also magnets on the inside of the case, so even if the lid does open, these won’t fall out. What’s probably the only difference visible to the eye when it comes to the original Airpods and the new Airpods is the small LED light for charging and pairing. It used to be on the inside of the case, so you would have to flick open the case in order see it. Thankfully, it’s been moved to where it should have been all along: right on the front of the outside.

Plus, the 2019 version of the AirPods is the first option to have a wireless charging case, compatible with certain Qi wireless charging pads. Though, if you want that option be prepared to shell out another $50. While we’re on the topic of bad news if you were waiting for the rumored Airpower that Apple announced a while back to wirelessly charge your devices you’re out of luck. Even though Airpower was rumored still to be coming even as these new Airpods were released, the company recently cancelled it altogether.

What do you think of the AirPods? Let us know!

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