Taking a Look at Document Cameras – Which is Best?

Document cameras are a relatively new innovation, but are fast becoming a staple in both offices and schools up and down the country. We thought we would take a look at the Educational Visualizer Gooseneck Document Camera and the CZUR ET16-P Professional Document Camera Scanner.

Educational Visualizer Gooseneck Document Camera

First up we have the “Educational Visualizer Gooseneck Document Camera”. This particular camera is fitted with a high definition image sensor, which enables you to capture high-quality and crystal clear images in any light. It is able to pick up the finest of details, thanks to the 10x digital zoom that the camera is fitted with.

We also liked the 30 frames-per-second video (at HD 1080p resolution) which allows you to easily display your lessons with smooth performance and no delays. If you so desire, there is also functionality to record classroom lessons with this particular document camera, and there is even a built-in microphone allowing you to record any voiceover that you wish to include. This really is a teaching tool for the 21st century, which makes it the ideal fit for any classroom or office in which it is used.

DINGYI, the company that have made this camera, are a well-known brand in the Document Camera Scanner, so any product they produce will likely be of excellent quality.

Output Resolution: USB, 5MP (2592×1944), 1080P(1920×1080),1280×960, SVGA(800×600) VGA/HDMI:1080P(1920×1080), SXGA(1280×1024), XGA(1024×768), 720P(1280×720)


CZUR ET16-P Professional Document Camera Scanner


Next up we would recommend the CZUR ET16-P Professional Document Camera Scanner.

It makes use of its own Patented Flattening Curve Technology. This takes the technology to that next level. It is able to shoot 3 laser lines, which are harmless to users, to enable the camera to easily analyze the contours of an open book or bound document. It then calculates the page curve of the materials, meaning the output is a flattened page. This is very impressive stuff!

It is possible to scan a 300 page book in around 10 minutes, which is a lot faster than a more conventional scanner. This is made possible by the unique Auto-Scan Tech, which makes scanning copious amounts of documents and books a breeze. There is the added bonus that the document camera is sold with Free Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software. This is a great money saver, especially if you were intending to purchase some OCR software.

Have you used any of these document cameras? If so, let us know how you found each camera.

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