Taking a Look at the New Amazon Echo Look

The Echo Look is a new product from Amazon that is certainly turning a few heads. With this newly launched device, it is possible for the user to take photographs which are full length, using just your voice. There is no need to click a button! It is particularly effective for taking a photo of what you are wearing on that particular day. The technology used is quite revolutionary. It has LED lighting which is built-in and it is possible to blur the background focusing on you, thanks to the depth-sensing features of the camera. This ensures that the image generated shows your outfits at their best.

Introducing the Echo Look

It is possible to see yourself from every angle by using the innovative live view in the Echo Look app, and you can even ask Alexa to take a 6-second video, allowing you to twist and turn and see how you look. Over time, you can build up your personalized “look book”, which allows you to keep track of what you wear. Using the calendar feature, you can find out what you wore on that particular date you select.

For new outfits, the Amazon Echo Look technology will recommend what might look good on you, as it builds up a “knowledge” of what you like. You can even ask friends for a second opinion, by using the new “Style Check” feature.

While you are getting ready, it is able to play the news or provide a weather forecast, thanks to the in-built 1.6 watt speaker which provides a crystal clear listening experience.

Of course, every user has a different height, so you can move the adjustable base mounts at the bottom of the device to ensure it matches your height. This is an easy process to do, and you don’t need to endlessly fiddle around with it to get it to move.

Whilst the camera is only a 5 megapixel camera, it does come with Intel RealSense SR300 which is able to provide that depth-sensing technology we described above. It is fitted with a powerful little processor – the Intel Atom x5-Z8350 – which maximizes the device’s processing capabilities to ensure it works lightening quick.

For peace of mind, it comes with a one year warranty, so if you had any problems with the Echo Look, just send it back to the returns address where a technician will look at the device and fix it, and they may offer you a replacement for the defective unit.

This 21st century product is perfect for the fashion conscious, and has received rave reviews from a large number of review websites. Have you used it? What did you think? Let us know!

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