The Best Portable Wildlife Camera Guide

If you are on the hunt for a camera to snap passing wildlife, but you are unsure of what camera to choose, you have come to the right place. The features and cost of these cameras vary wildly (pardon the pun), so we thought we’d narrow down the choices by selecting the two best portable wildlife camera devices.

Best Portable Wildlife Camera Guide – Our Recommendations

APEMAN 12MP 1080P Trail Wildlife Camera Trap with Infrared Night Vision 

best portable wildlife camera

If you are looking for a budget friendly device, the APEMAN 12MP 1080P Trail Wildlife Camera Trap with Infrared Night Vision should be a camera to consider. It comes in camouflage coloring to keep the camera low profile and not noticed by wildlife. The camera itself is able to take excellent high quality images, which are 12 megapixel in quality. Video is also possible to be captured, and the camera automatically begins recording when any wildlife is detected during the day and at night.

If you would like to take multiple images, it can take three photos per movement detected to ensure you get the perfect shot.

The device makes use of the latest 940nm Invisible Infrared Technology, which comes with a fully automatic IR filter. The infrared flash illumination technology is equipped with 26 LEDs to ensure the quality of the images is not lessened when lighting is poor. 

The camera also has IP66 waterproof credentials, so it is able to deal well with being in a wet environment. The manufacturers also claim that the camera is dust-proof and drop-proof. It can be housed in a plastic case, which is weather proof. It also works well in desert and rainforest locations. Installing the camera at a location is also very easy, thanks to the threaded tripod and mounting strap.


Victure IP66 Wildlife Trail Camera 


The second camera we would recommend is the Victure IP66 Wildlife Trail Camera. The Victure camera has night vision motion technology included, and the pictures it snaps is second to none, thanks to the 12 megapixel HD sensor. The trigger speed of 0.5 seconds is also worth mentioning, which allows you to capture the wildlife before they move off. This ensures that even a fleeting glimpse of an animal is captured. It doesn’t use much power and the eight AA batteries that it is fitted with ensures the camera works for up to 6 months without a recharge.

Do you think these are the two best portable wildlife camera devices for sale? Let us know!

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