What are the Best Foldable Bluetooth Headphones For Sale?

Portability is key when you are looking to buy headphones. This is why we would recommend that you invest in headphones that are bluetooth enabled and can be neatly folded up when not in use. There are so many different headphones for sale, it can be hard to identify what really are the best foldable bluetooth headphones. Here are two items we recommend.

Finding the Best Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall Major III Foldable Bluetooth Headphones


best foldable bluetooth headphones

These headphones are giving a new modern look to the classic headphone. They can offer an incredible 30+ hours of wireless playtime before they need to be recharged. The headphones themselves have been pain stakingly re-engineered for a cleaner, more professional style, with the integrated wireless Bluetooth technology working like a dream.

You will notice that the headphones have been covered in a strong covering of vinyl, which makes them durable and able to be carried around without fear of being damaged. The headphones are quite streamlined compared to previous versions, despite the thicker loop wires to give the headphones rigidity. Comfort is increased thanks to the high quality ear cushions which offer a secure fit for hours of listening pleasure. They are fitted with tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers, which we noticed enhanced the bass response. We also noticed the smooth mids and crystal clear highs which make the headphones really worth trying out.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones


Another pair of headphones we recommend are these Mpow Bluetooth over ear headphones. They are able to offer a clear and full-rounded sound, which continues when you use the Bluetooth wireless operation. The headphones are fitted with a mic and volume controls, which means you don’t need to fiddle around with other bits of equipment. Answering calls is also possible.

They are good at cancelling noise, but this is only meant to be passive noise isolating, rather than total full noise cancellation. This means the battery is not drained. Thanks to the¬†closed-back design of the headphones, they offer an immersive Hi-Fi sound experience. If you care more about noise cancellation than sound quality, it may be a good idea to consider other headphones. The 420mAh battery is excellent, as it allows 20 hours of continuous playback. People have been using these headphones while working out, and they praise it’s comfort and reliability.

Have you used these foldable bluetooth headphones before? Get in contact with us so we can hear your thoughts.

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