What are the Best Gaming Headphones for Playstation 4?

To enhance your gaming experience and to reduce any noise from outside the game, it is often a good idea to invest in a pair of gaming headphones. But, what are the best gaming headphones for Playstation 4? We are on hand to help you make up your mind so you buy a pair of headphones that are good value and have all the latest features to make your gameplay as enjoyable as possible.

Best Gaming Headphones for Playstation 4

BlueFire Professional 3.5mm PS4 Gaming Headset 

best gaming headphones for PS4

The first headphones we would recommend is this BlueFire Professional 3.5mm PS4 Gaming Headset. This headset is purpose built for PS4 users, but it can also be used on other devices such as PC and Mac Laptop if you so desire. We were blown away by the awesome surround sound, which really transports you right into the middle of your game, making it more realistic and immersive. 

We found the Bluefire headset to be very comfortable to wear. It has excellent soft padding fitted to the top of the headset and around the ear cups, which doesn’t feel heavy over time. The headset comes with long braided cord 7 foot in length, so you can be quite far away from your screen if that is the way you prefer to play. We loved the mic and volume control which can be used with ease, thanks to the control which is fitted to the cord.


ONIKUMA Gaming Headset 


The second pair of headphones we recommend is this Onikuma Headset. We loved the immersive sound quality that was presented by these headphones which took our gameplay experience to another level. The headset is feature packed and comes with a 50mm diver, 16 Ohm impendance, 114dB +/- 3 dB at 1KHz sensitivity and 20HZ-20KHz frequency range. The headset is also able to give a realistic direction of where the sound is coming from, whether from the left or the right for more realistic gameplay.

The noise cancelling microphone comes with an advanced anti-static design. This allows you to focus solely on the game, eliminating any outside noise that may be present, which we found to be fit for purpose. In game communication is flawless with these headphones, with no delays or jerks that is sometimes commonly associated with other headphones on the market at the moment.

Have you used any of these headphones? If you have, we’d love to hear of your experience and we would be only too happy to add your review to our article.

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