What is the Best Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier?

Trying to find the best bluetooth headphone amplifier is crucial for enjoying the best sound. There are so many different amplifiers for sale, it can be quite hard to select the right one for your needs. This is why we have decided to review two of the latest amplifiers to help you on your way to make the correct decision.

Best Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

Creative Sound Blaster X7 USB DAC with Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

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First up, we would recommend the Creative Sound Blaster X7 USB DAC with Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier.

The Sound Blaster X7 external USB DAC and audio amplifier is the best audiophile upgrade for the most dedicated of gamers. It can connect seamlessly to gaming and entertainment systems, and we found that it greatly enhances the audio quality and delivers a powerful listening experience that few other amplifiers can even come close to.

The device has cross-platform connectivity, which is important if you wish to use it for different systems. We were mightily impressed by the state of the art “Fine Gold” capacitors that are fitted. They are able to squeeze out that last drop of performance to take the sound to the next level. We especially liked the swappable op-amps to optimize your  tonal characteristics, if you are that way inclined!

All these features are neatly fitted into a stylish compact trapezoidal prism that can be connected to your PC and any other system you’d like to fit it to. This gets top marks from us!


FiiO E17 for K – Headphone Amplifier – Black

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you may wish to consider the FiiO E17 for K – Headphone Amplifier. This is an excellent  portable lightweight brushed metal headphone amplifier that comes highly recommended from people who have purchased and used it on a regular basis. The amplifier comes fitted with a digital to analogue converter (DAC). It is possible to use the amplifier as an external sound card for your computer, thanks to the E17K Utilises the SA 9027 USB receiver. We especially like how the amplifier processes with a higher S/N ratio and there is definitely lower distortion compared to its predecessor, and there are more linear digital-analog conversion characteristics to create a fantastic sound.

Have you used any of these headphone amplifier devices? If so, tell us of your experiences and whether you think you got value for money or not. We want to hear from you!

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