What is the Best Home Automation System?

Home automation systems are quickly becoming a must have for those who are technologically minded. These systems are able to change the way you live in your home by providing added security, convenience and fun. Since many of us will have never installed a home automation system in our homes before, we thought we would take a look at three different home automation systems.

For those of you who are planning to install a home automation system in your home, it is important to take your time to choose the system that is most suited to your needs. Here are some of the top names that specialize in home automation systems.

Advice on Choosing the Best Home Automation System



Control4 is one of the up and coming names in the home automation market. This system is most suitable for those who have a small apartment. Although the system is considered to be less flexible than other well-established systems from the likes of  Crestron, it works well and provides excellent value for money.


Lutron is another recommended home automation system. Lutron are most well-known for their lighting systems, which have received rave reviews. Their lighting systems allow you to manage and control the light levels of all the rooms in your home via your smart device, whether it be a tablet or a smartphone. You can also set up the Lutron system to automate the light levels and schedule when the lights are switched on and off.


Creston are the market leaders and they are growing at an exponential rate, thanks to their innovation and level of service that they offer. Crestron systems are able to incorporate security and temperature control in addition to lighting and they also offer other features too. By simply playing around with your tablet or smartphone, it is possible to  control the lighting system of the whole house, even when you are not at home, as well as opening and closing the main front door. The Crestron system also makes use of motion detector technology, and you can set the system to automatically switch lights on and off as people enter and leave rooms. This is great for saving money by using less electricity. Crestron is undoubtedly the best choice for installing a home automation system in your home, but is one of the more expensive options. It is a lot more customizable and adaptable compared with Control4.

Have you used a home automation system before? Let us know how you found it.

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