What are the Best Outdoor Speakers?

Are you on the lookout for outdoor speakers? Finding outdoor speakers that offer good sound quality at a price that doesn’t break the bank can be rather difficult. This is why we thought we would look at two different speakers that we would recommend you take a look at.

Recommendations for the Best Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers 

The first speakers that we would recommend are these Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers. I tried these out, and found them to be well worth the money.

  • These Atrium Series Speakers exceed the baseline industrial and military specifications for environmental endurance.
  • There are high quality anodized Aluminum tweeter domes with integrated rubber surrounds, which are also immune to any weather elements. The speakers are able to provide the smooth, broad high-end range you need for outdoor music in open spaces.
  • We loved the newly designed tweeter phase cap, which is able to smooth the frequency response from 12KHz up to 20kHz (which is the last audible octave).
  • The much improved broad coverage baffle design is adapted from the previous Atrium design, but there is a more steeply-angled baffle design that maximizes frequency dispersion over a large area. This greatly improves the sound quality of the audio output.
  • In terms of installation, we love the speed-lock mounting system for easy, safe one-handed installation. The speakers can even be installed in the most difficult of locations.

Klipsch AW-650 Outdoor Speakers

The second outdoor speakers we would recommend are these Klipsch AW-650 Outdoor Speakers. They are made with a Paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure with rustproof aluminum grille, which makes them suitable for use in a whole host of different environments. We loved the high sensitivity and power handling of these speakers.  Clean and crisp highs are able to be achieved, thanks to the 90º x 90º Tractrix Horn tweeter. The speakers are supplied with a C-style mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware to make the speakers as easy as possible to install. There is a 3/8″-16 threaded insert for optional mounts.

Which Speakers Should I Choose?

Both the Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers and the Klipsch AW-650 Outdoor Speakers come highly recommended from our review team, as well as customers who have bought the product and use the speakers on a daily basis. Have you used these speakers? Or, do you know of better speakers to try? If so, let us know today!

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