What is the Best POS Register? Datio or Square Register?

When conducting transactions with your customers, it is important that payments are completed quickly with the minimum amount of fuss. There are so many different payment methods being used these days, from traditional cash, to debit cards, to contactless and even mobile phones being used. This is why you should decide to invest in point of sale equipment that is fit for the 21st century. Two products often touted as the most modern and suitable for use in a busy retail environment is the Datio POS and the Square Register. Let’s take a look at both.

Datio POS Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register

The Datio point of sale solution is perfect for a business such as a cafe, deli or other quick-serve restaurant. This really is an all in one solution, as a Cash Drawer, Printer, Scanner and Credit Card Reader are all included. For monitoring sales performance, there is easy to analyze sales reporting data that can be viewed from any device such as from a laptop or your smartphone while you are on the go. For peace of mind, there is SMS, email and phone support if you needed to ask any questions about the Datio POS equipment, or if you required technical support. This really is a 21st register for a 21st century store.


Square Register

The Square Register is a great piece of modern POS technology that is able to accept a wide range of payment methods. It is possible to receive payment from EMV chip cards, Apple Pay and even Android Pay and other NFC payments. More traditional methods of payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express can also be used without any problem.

Square register, like other modern POS equipment, comes with point-of-sale software which enables the business owner to easily manage items and payments to track and analyze daily sales, which can be done in real time. With the Square Register, it allows you to build up a customer directory. Before you buy, it is important to note that the Square Register’s hardware is only able to be used in the country for which it is intended to be used. So make sure you double check this before buying.

Have you used the Datio or Square Register point of sale equipment before? If so, let us know how you found it and whether it was worth the investment or not.

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