Which Is Better – The Best Fitness Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

Technology has gifted mankind with lots of options with the help of which they can even monitor the number of steps taken by them every day and the calories burnt for doing so. Yes, if you are a fitness freak then you must have understood that the discussion here is about fitness devices available nowadays. Now, the question is whether you should look for the best fitness smartwatch for getting fitness related information or a fitness tracker will be fine for you?

The answer may be quite difficult; however answering the following questions may help you take the decision.

Fashion or Utility?

Why do you want to use the device, to complement your fashion statement or for the need of getting health related information. A smartwatch is a style statement first then a tool for measuring information, which is just opposite for a fitness tracker. Now, you have to decide which is more important to you?

Now, before you buy the best fitness smartwatch you should decide that what features will you like look wise? Do you prefer slick simplicity of Moto360 or the geek look of Pebble Time attracts you? Once you know these you can proceed better.

Stay within budget or choose luxury

It is general that a fitness tracker will be cheaper in comparison to the smart watches. It is possible to get among the top fitness trackers within $150 while the smart watches starts from something around $200. It goes up as you look for more features.

Now, it’s for sure that you will get what you pay. The expensive smart watches will come with features like heart rate monitoring, calories counter and many more. Everything will be in the single device. A smart watch will be a luxury where you get style with necessity while a fitness tracker will fulfill your need to get health related information.

Seriously ripped or causally fit

It’s true that smartwatches will outsmart fitness trackers in terms of looks and other features but in one category it is still best. And obviously it is fitness. You can monitor stats like heart rate, calories burnt in both devices, but in fitness tracker you will get more detailed metrics. You can get better metrics and extensive reports with which you can set your fitness goals.
Thus, if you want the fitness device for casual recreational purpose, you must stick with the best fitness smartwatch, however if you are serious about your health issues then choosing a fitness tracker is better choice.

Wear anywhere or wrist only

It’s obvious that smart watches are made for your wrist. To the contrary you can wear a fitness tracker at different position of your body. You can choose among wristband, chest strap, clip, headband, anklebone, headphone, leg strap, insole, or mouth guard. So the fitness brands are available in different sizes and shapes.

Now, if you want to wear that on your wrist, the answer is clear to you, go for fitness smartwatch. While if you want to leave your ankle free of these devices, choose among the other alternatives available.

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